Moderately Attractive Film Man


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Lost in the Rockies, will the guys resort to eating Zach for subsistence and/or fun? Find out in the latest Denver adventure!

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Denver, Colorado is apparently the perfect place for Mexican cantinas and their juggling gorillas. Yep.

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Montreal Update

Learning the delicate balance of shooting and editing on the road, Zach and co. will have you up-to-date on their adventures soon. We bet our Aaron on it.

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Introducing… me. In third person.

Josh Flanagan is a moderately attractive man from Austin, TX.

One time, Josh won that duck pond game at the carnival. I mean, they just called out the number, and—BAM!—he picked the duck. You know how many kids went home with a Peter-frickin’-Rabbit doll that night? At least one.

In third grade, Josh played one of several randomly-inserted monsters in a production of the Three Little Pigs. This was after auditioning THRICE for the role of the Big Bad Wolf, the first two attempts ending in Josh running from the room in tears, mid-song. However, it was Josh’s photo that was featured in the local paper, and not that lumpy kid’s who eventually landed the wolf role. So suck on that, Mrs. Tarber.

Josh found his filmmaking passion at 17 when he got a Hi-8 Camcorder for Christmas. Before that, his ambitions included designing video games, being a firefighter, and moonlighting as a superhero that throws torches at criminals (which would, on occasion, undermine the firefighter thing).

Also, Josh singlehandedly won the Iraq War in 2003, according to his dad. We did win that, right? They don’t make a banner unless you won.

Lawrence Kasdan may have had this to say about Josh:

“It’s like someone distilled the directing prowess of Cameron, the writing panache of Sorkin, and the raw intensity of early Pacino into one well-endowed man.”

        - possibly Lawrence Kasdan

A fan of thin mint cookies and heaving bosom, Josh subscribes to the Spielberg adage of making “movies” over “films,” and spends his days developing projects as such. Often considered the “Shemp” of Lark the Beard, he isn’t entirely sure how he got on this show.